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   Leader's Address

In September 2006, since HongRun Carbon Co., Ltd. was established both to experience the hardships of pioneering era, but also the feeling of joy when rapid growth. In recent years, the company based on the specialty graphite technology excellence, commitment to study the possibility of carbon unlimited benefit of mankind. Companies use appropriate technology, specialty graphite by turning, drilling, milling or sawing and other machining processes into a variety of different components. This special graphite can be applied to any technical performance of other materials can not meet the occasion, for example, in the photovoltaic industry is the most important raw material in the production of monocrystalline silicon.

The new era, we will uphold the "integrity and with our efficient, and you win!" Core values​​, while creating benefits for new and old customers realize their own value. In the growth, the company established a "customer satisfaction, respect for employees, innovative spirit, serve the community" as the core of the operating principles and corporate culture, and laid a solid foundation for a harmonious and orderly and healthy development of enterprises.

The company will remain in graphite materials products production and sales for the core business, focusing on services in the new energy industry, and constantly open up new business, build brand awareness Hung Yun Carbon and satisfaction, new and old customers to provide satisfactory products and services.

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